A Fort Worth Mover Who Has Thoughtfully Developed Plans for Special Moving Situations

There are an array of both commercial and residential moves that require special care in the Fort Worth area. These can range from things like moving government facilities and employees to specialized art packaging or moving heavy industrial equipment.

A run-of-the-mill, couple of guys in a dingy truck moving company simply can’t handle these types of specialty moves, but our Fort Worth movers, with the backing of Mayflower Transit, can handle virtually any moving needs you have – no matter how unique.

Specialized Commercial Moving Services

Fort Worth Government Moves 

Often times there are specific rules and regulations that accompany federal and local government moves, especially when the government entity in question is a law enforcement or national security interest. We utilize the same high-quality commercial moving procedures, and can adjust our practices to address any specific regulations to which you need to adhere.

Trade Show Exhibit Moving in Fort Worth 

Every trade show requires specialized movers to transport technology and exhibits safely to and from their destinations. IMS Relocation is unique in the fact that our skilled teams can even help you setup and dissemble before and after your trade show.

Fine Art Shipping, Storage and Moving in Fort Worth 

Although this is primarily a concern for art galleries and museums, we have also assisted private holders in the crating, protection and moving of very expensive pieces of art. Our highly skilled fine art movers in Fort Worth take careful measurements and will even specially design crates to snugly fit art pieces and sculptures, no matter how oddly shaped.

Fort Worth Lab and Medical Facility Moves 

There aren’t many Texas moving companies with the level of experience we have when it comes to moving hospitals, doctors’ offices, dentist offices and other medical facilities. Our fleet of trucks, many of which are custom fitted to transport delicate equipment, plus our highly trained specialty movers, will take exceptional care of your delicate equipment and records. We understand that people’s health and wellbeing rests in your hands, and we want you to feel secure in putting your trust in us.

Educational Movers in Fort Worth 

The Fort Worth area is home to many educational institutions, and for many of these institutions, a significant portion of their worth is tied up in assets like desks, computers, teaching materials and other equipment. The safe transportation of these things is essential to your business, and we are committed to making your Fort Worth school move a worry-free endeavor.

Fort Worth Restaurant Movers 

Location is incredibly important in the foodservice industry, so we see many Fort Worth restaurants move fairly regularly, including many fast food restaurants. This has given our team of Texas movers a lot of experience in this particular industry. Your equipment is integral to your operation, and we have the skills and knowhow to safely relocate it to your new location.

Specialized Heavy Equipment Rigging and Moving in Fort Worth

If you’re an industrial company or any type of company that has large, delicate and expensive equipment, you probably understand the logistical difficulties that accompany relocation and delivery of said equipment. IMS Relocation does as well, and we have the specialized moving gear, rigging equipment and unparalleled knowhow to make us the best company to call for heavy equipment rigging and moving. 

Specialized Residential and Personal Moving Services in Fort Worth  

Vehicle, Boat and Motorcycle Moving in Fort Worth 

If you’re like us at IMS Relocation, your car, boat or motorcycle is your baby, and getting it moved without a single scratch or dent is an incredibly important part of your residential move. We carry comprehensive insurance coverage, and take an unwaveringly cautious and caring approach to moving your recreational vehicles. If you want your prized possession moved by the best movers in Fort Worth, give us a call.

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