Safe, Secure and Competitively Priced Storage Solutions in Fort Worth

At IMS Relocation we are proud to boast exceptional moving capabilities in the Fort Worth area, and we think it just makes sense to have equally high-quality storage options as well.

Maybe you’re a member of the armed forces and require a place to move and store your belongings during deployment. We’re the company to call to ensure you can rest easy knowing your belongings were carefully moved and are securely stored for the entirety of your deployment.

Or maybe you’re a business owner who is considering remodeling your office or facilities and require storage for your cubicles, computers, printers and whatever other equipment your business owns. Our 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse is perfect for this, and because our facility is monitored 24/7 you can rest assured your important equipment will be safe from vandalism, theft and fire.

Or maybe you’re just a homeowner who is remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. A portable storage container will allow you to store your kitchen or bathroom furniture, fixtures and personal items while you remodel, and it will be conveniently located right outside your home until your project is complete.

Our portable storage units are also great for people who want to pack their own stuff. We drop off a portable storage unit when you request it. You pack it up at your place. We come by, pick it up and take it to your new home. This is an affordable moving solution, especially for DIYers who feel most comfortable when they can do the move themselves.

Whatever your unique Fort Worth area storage needs are, IMS Relocation is certain to have one, or even multiple solutions that can fit your needs.

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