Pack Like the Pros with Our Dallas–Fort Worth Moving Tips

What types of packing supplies should you have prepared for your move?

You will definitely want to have:

  • Sturdy Boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Paper Pads
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Labels
  • Tissue Paper
  • Packing Tape
  • Felt-Tip Markers

How should I pack breakable items?

We suggest first filling the bottom of the box with crushed paper. After that, wrap each piece individually. For plates, especially nice China, we suggest double wrapping. Some people use newspapers instead of tissue paper, but newspaper ink can dirty your pristine dishes.

Make sure to pack dishes standing up, do not pack them lying flat on top of each other. You’ll also want to put the heaviest items on the bottom.

What about wine glasses?

Our professionals wrap each stem with tissue paper before wrapping the entire glass.

If you have especially fragile items, we suggest wrapping those things in bubble wrap before wrapping them in tissue paper. It’s also important to label these boxes as fragile, and an arrow pointing to which side should stay up.

What other things should I do before my move?

  • Empty and unplug your refrigerator at least a day prior to your move.
  • Throw out any cleaners or chemicals, as hazardous materials cannot be moved by our movers (including propane tanks on grills).
  • Make sure you have a cooler of food and drinks for your journey.
  • Create a “load last” box, which includes the things you’ll need right away when you arrive at your destination. The movers will pack this last, so you can easily get to it at your destination. This includes things like bottled water, a first aid kit, paper towels and toilet paper, flashlight and maybe even an alarm clock.
  • The same goes for clothing. It’s a good idea to pack a suitcase or some clothes to wear in your load last box to ensure you’re not digging through boxes to find something clean to wear the day after your move.
  • Put all the things you’re planning on taking with you on your journey in a closet with a sticky note that says “do not pack.” This will ensure your movers don’t accidently pack the things you’ll need on your journey.
  • You’ll also want to thoroughly fill out your high-value inventory list. Your moving specialists should help you with this, but any items that are worth more than $100 per pound should be included on this list.
  • If you have children or pets, it’s best to have someone watching them or to relocate them to a safe location to keep them out of the way so they won’t be a distraction during your move.

For more tips, please visit our moving tips page.

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