5 Ways to Prepare for Moving Day

Dallas-Fort Worth Moving CompanyGetting ready for a move soon? Making a big move can be a huge step for you and your family. There’s so much to remember that keeping it all straight can be a headache. Luckily, with a little up-front planning, your move can be a lot easier for everyone involved. Check out our top 5 tips to achieving a successful and stress-free move.

Get Your Appliances Ready

Moves can be rough on appliances. After all, these are items that are left stationary any other day! If your appliances are coming with you on your move, make sure they are ready. Washing machines and dryers should be serviced by a professional to make sure they’re in good condition before the movers load them up on a truck. Refrigerators should be emptied, cleaned, and unplugged for at least 24 hours to make sure they are dry and won’t grow mold.

If you’ve got a few leftover food items that you don’t want to go to waste before the move, simply fill an ice chest with those perishable items to tide you over.

Consider Things You Can’t Move

While we wish we could move everything for you, moving companies are unable to move items such as chemicals (including cleaning supplies), flammables, and propane tanks for safety of your other items and our drivers. Consider who you can pass these items off to prior to your move so they don’t go to waste.

Packing Yourself

If you’ve chosen to pack your own items yourself, don’t skimp on packing materials. Using professional packing materials means your valuables are more protected and can avoid a lot of heartbreak over broken items while unpacking. And you won’t have to look too far; we can provide boxes and other packing supplies. Don’t forget to clearly label the boxes of which room the items inside were packed from to make unpacking even easier.

“Load Last”

Be sure to set aside items that you want loaded into the truck last. Label any boxes with these items as “Load Last” to let your movers know you preference. These items will be the first to be unloaded once you arrive at your new home and should include items you might need first like toiletries, a first aid kit, paper towels and toilet paper, and anything else you think could be useful for your first few nights.

Items to Move Yourself

Some items shouldn’t be without you on your move. Consider moving these things yourself and leaving the rest up to your moving company. Traveling with a suitcase of clothes gives you a few days to fully unpack while you sort out everything else about your new home. Just put the suitcases and boxes behind a closet door with a sign telling the movers to not pack these items.

Important documents such as receipts, money, appraisals of your valuables, and more should also stay with you so that you know where they are at all times.

Remembering these simple tips next time you’re preparing for a move will make the whole process easier for everyone involved. Want more tips? Download this moving checklist from Mayflower to help get you even more prepared for your move!