Work with a Fort Worth Business Mover Who Makes You the Priority

When it comes to commercial moving services in Fort Worth, there are moving companies who get it and then there are the ones that don’t. At IMS Relocation, we are confident that our commercial movers are the former. That’s because we’ve trained our business movers to understand your concerns and perform their duties to specifically address every variable and contingency that may affect your unique commercial move.

Every day your facilities or employees are in transit is a day you’re not operating at optimal levels. Getting your business relocated quickly, safely and efficiently ensures you experience minimal downtime and lose no integral equipment during the process.

What Are Some of the Things That Set Our Fort Worth Commercial Movers Apart?

  • If you require commercial storage, even for a large amount of equipment, our 150,000 sq. ft. Fort Worth area warehouse can accommodate all of it.
  • We have experience moving every type of commercial enterprise, from offices to hotels, and we can even coordinate your commercial move with employee relocation to or from the Fort Worth area.
  • Our specially trained business movers can safely disassemble and reassemble cubicles, modular furniture, fixtures and even electronics.

We Have Experience Moving All Kinds of Businesses

Hotels can be tricky moves because of the sheer volume of furniture and the delicate nature of some hotel fixtures. You don’t want to have to buy loads of new beds, coffee tables and chairs because your hotel mover wasn’t up to the job of doing it safely and properly. That’s why it pays to start the process with an experienced hotel mover who takes the responsibility seriously.

Office moves in Fort Worth, especially interstate or long distance moves, often require significant corporate relocation services as well. There aren’t many companies with the bandwidth to simultaneously handle a large office move and a high volume of employee relocations to or from Fort Worth at the same time, but IMS Relocation is one of the few who can coordinate such a herculean effort. If you’re a decision maker, you owe yourself a discussion with one of our commercial moving estimators.

If you have a commercial move on the horizon, and you want to develop a well thought-out plan of execution to make it happen in the least disruptive way possible, IMS Relocation can help. Contact us and we’ll schedule a FREE, no-obligation meeting with you and one of our commercial moving estimators.

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