Residential Moving FAQs

How much do you charge?

Prices for moving services vary, depending on the number of items being moved items that require special handling, the distance of the move, and other factors. To get a price for your move of any size or distance, just fill out the contact form, or call us at (972) 484-2112.  An agent will set up a convenient time to come to your location.

How do I schedule a move?

If you have already received a quote and are ready to book your move, you can call your salesperson or call (972) 484-2112 to get started.

What if I have items to move that are not on my estimate?

Don’t worry!  Just contact your move coordinator who can easily add (or remove) items from your moving estimate.  Your move coordinator will stay on top of what is being moved and adjust the services necessary to keep the job under control.

Can you move my live plants?

We can’t guarantee your plant’s condition during relocation so it is recommended that you handle your plants yourself to keep them healthy.

Are there any items that you do not move?

For the safety of our movers, some things cannot be moved on our trucks.  If you have a question about a particular item that you are not sure about, please contact your move coordinator to be sure.

Items that IMS Relocation will not move:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Flammable liquids and gases
  • Paints, varnishes, paint thinners
  • Matches and lighters
  • Explosives
  • Ammunition
  • Toxic substances
  • Loaded firearms
  • Gardening chemicals
  • Propane tanks
  • Fertilizers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Pool chemicals
  • Household batteries
  • Liquid bleach
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Poisons

I need to change my move date. What should I do?

If you need to adjust anything about your move, please contact your move coordinator who will work with you to make any changes needed.  Keep in mind that changing your move date could affect certain aspects of the service you receive.

How are my belongings protected from damage during my move?

Our crews are professionally trained to handle your goods with little risk of damage.  We will secure your furniture in protective wrappings prior to moving them out of their current space.  Should damage occur, your home and items will be covered by a pre-determined amount agreed upon at the time of estimation.

Do you offer temporary storage?

Yes, we do!  We offer short- and long-term storage inside our concrete and steel warehouse.  Your items will be secure from theft, fire, and the elements for as long as you wish.  

Do you offer packing and unpacking services?

Yes, we can pack your boxes and unpack them when you get to your new home.

Need a moving company in Dallas-Ft. Worth? IMS Relocation handles local and long-distance moves. (800) 559-2112.

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