Fine Art Movers

Fine Art Movers

Fine Art Transportation Services for Relocations in Dallas–Fort Worth, TX

Whether you’re shipping a collection of valuable art pieces or unshapely sculptures for an upcoming residential or commercial location, you can trust IMS Relocation to handle your fine art moving needs in the Dallas–Fort Worth metro area. Our moving services are completely customizable to fit your unique needs and our team can handle a diverse array of delicate inventory including high-value artwork from large institutions, a personal collection of framed photography and anything in between. All you have to do is pick the destination – no matter if it’s local, long distance or international – and our professional fine art movers will get it there without difficulty or damage.

At IMS Relocation, we understand art comes in a variety of forms and a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work for transporting artwork to a new location, especially if it’s abroad. Some pieces such as oversized sculptures and fragile glasswork require custom crating.

If you have artwork that needs special care and attention during an upcoming relocation, give IMS Relocation a call. Our professional movers will measure your pieces and create a custom wooden crate for your transportation needs. We’ll make sure our measurements are precise, so the artwork fits perfectly and there’s little room for unnecessary movement during transport. In addition, our movers utilize air-ride equipped trailers and the highest quality packing materials to ensure the bumps of the road don’t phase or damage your artwork.

Quality Moving Services for All Types of Art Mediums

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Decorative Arts
  • Antique Pottery
  • Metalwork Art
  • Mosaic Art
  • Photography
  • Stained Glass Art

IMS Relocation also offers transportation services for your musical instruments, including piano, drum sets and more. If you need help transporting your fine art and/or musical instruments to a new location within or from the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, trust IMS Relocation, the area’s leading moving company.

Still worried about the well-being of your artwork during a move? We’d be happy to discuss all our past art moves with you and you can see what our satisfied customers are saying about our services here.

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