Making Your International Move to or from Fort Worth as Easy as Possible

Every move is stressful, but moving to a foreign land is one of the more anxiety inspiring experiences a person can potentially have in their life. That doesn’t mean the moving experience has to be entirely unpleasant. Along with that anxiety also comes excitement at the adventure that awaits you at your destination, and that’s the aspect on which we want you to focus.

Moving into and out of the United States can be a complicated process, and both our custom officials and the officials in the country where you’re heading will have unique guidelines and rules about proper packaging, inspections and possessions that can and cannot be brought with you.

At IMS Relocation, we employ moving specialists who are specially trained in U.S. customs regulations, as well as the rules regulating many foreign nations as well. We recommend utilizing our professional packing services for international moves from Fort Worth, as clearing customs has become more difficult over the years, and we can pack in such a way as to minimize the complications.

Our Fort Worth international movers partner with not only Mayflower Transit, a trusted worldwide name in moving, but also Unigroup Worldwide UTS, a global company specializing in international relocation.

This team of professionals will help you file all the necessary paperwork with local officials, help you determine if you have any restricted items that may cause issues and help you pack in a way that will avoid penalties and make it easier for customs to inspect your possessions without damaging them.

In addition to all of these services and cutting-edge shipment tracking, we also help with the more personal matters, like assisting with acclimation to the new culture you’re about to experience.

We know how stressful an international move to or from Fort Worth can be, and our moving specialists and staff are committed to helping you with every aspect of your relocation and transition.

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