Simplifying the International Moving Process in the Dallas–Fort Worth Area

When it comes to moving, there are few relocations more challenging than an international move, not just for the person moving but also for the moving company to handle from a logistical standpoint. It takes a special kind of Dallas–Fort Worth moving company, coupled with a worldwide network of experienced partners, to pull off an international move, and it takes an exceptional moving company to make it look easy.

IMS Relocation boasts partnerships with 800 of the world’s leading moving companies and our partners in Mayflower Transit. Mayflower has been moving international cargo and relocating people across the world for more than three decades, and UniGroup specializes on coordinating shipping, storage and billing to simplify the process for our customers and partners.

These strategic partnerships allow our Dallas–Fort Worth international moving specialist to provide a seamless moving experience to our customers, both here in Texas and those abroad.

What Does Our International Moving Process Entail?

International moves are highly complex operations, and not just in terms of the logistical coordination required to ship belongings around the world. Clearing customs is no simple task in today’s modern world. There are a plethora of rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot be brought into a country and what is subject to duty and what isn’t. Additionally, you are also required to provide an inventory list as well as an array of other documents, the specifics of which are dependent upon the destination country.

When you work with IMS Relocation, you will be assigned an international moving specialist who will work with you every step of the way. They will do everything from coordinate the professional packers, who will carefully document your belongings for customs and insurance purposes, to helping you with logistical and cultural concerns in your destination country.

Customers who utilize our international moving services can expect easy customs clearance, as our international packers are knowledgeable about all the relevant custom regulations and can help you avoid delays and uncomfortable questioning from the officials in your destination country.

At IMS Relocation, we’d prefer you spend the time before your move with your family and friends as opposed to packing and trying to navigate the complex regulations and paperwork yourself, which is why full-service packing is included with all of our international moves. If you have an international move on the horizon, we encourage you to contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Even if you don’t utilize our services, we’re sure you’ll gain valuable information about your upcoming adventure.

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