Is There a Cost Benefit of Selling Your Big Items Before a Move?

Are you moving?

Does the thought of how expensive moving can be cause you to lose sleep at night?

Have you been looking for ways to cut down the cost of moving?

Don’t call any Local Relocation Company just yet! Have you considered selling your big items before the move? After all, you are getting a new start. Why not do so by buying new items and saying goodbye to more than just your old home?

If you are unsure, ask yourself three, simple questions:

  1. What do you think this move means – a fresh start or the same, old lifestyle?
  2. Why are you keeping your personal possessions – due to their practical or emotional value?
  3. How do you feel when you think of shopping – excited and elated or frustrated and exasperated?

Depending on your answers, you could either find the whole experience of moving reinvigorating or draining. To you, this is the fresh start you need and you are ready to leave your past behind. Is that the case? If so, start selling the big items right away – you are going to have a lot of fun shopping for your new stuff!

However, if drastic changes aren’t your thing, then it is better to retain your old stuff. That way, even if you must move, you will be able to recreate your comfort zone once you have arrived at your new home.

Does this solution seem too simple? That’s because it is! You should also consider the following factors when making a decision:

The practical value of your old stuff

Try to avoid looking at your aging belongings emotionally. Instead, decide whether retaining it has a practical value or not. Taking your old lumpy couch along just doesn’t seem logical, does it? Consider selling it! Make a list of all the big articles and go through it. Then, sort out the things that can be sold before you move.

The space available in your new house

Before you decide which of the big items you will be keeping, make sure they will fit in your new apartment or house. A bed that barely fits in your existing bedroom doesn’t seem like an item to retain. You could easily sell it and buy a new bed that fits better. The aesthetic created by the color of the walls, the carpet, and the tiled floor should also be considered in this instance. Imagine lugging your furniture all the way to your new place only to find out that it clashes with the theme of the décor! Look at pictures or, better yet, visit your new place to make the right decision regarding your things.

The kind of move

A cross-country move or one where you are moving abroad usually means that you can’t carry around large, difficult-to-move, and heavy items. You don’t have many options outside of leaving them behind. Even if you can’t afford to have them shipped, they might get damaged during the trip. Would you want to risk that?

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