Moving in the Winter: Pros and Cons

Moving in the Winter - Pros and Cons

Summer of 2019 may have delivered the usual unrelenting heat, but the inevitable temperature drop is already upon us. For those planning on moving soon, this can be concerning. After all, if you had a choice, wouldn’t you want to wait until it gets warm again before you relocate?

With the cold weather and shorter days, you might think that winter isn’t the best time to move. But you often get to enjoy lower pricing, more scheduling flexibility and other benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of moving in the winter.

Advantages to Moving in the Winter

Before you write off moving in the winter, you should know that it does have some advantages over moving in the summer. In fact, for many it’s the ideal time of the year to move. Why? Here are some of the pros of moving in the winter:

  • Scheduling: You often have more flexibility since movers aren’t as busy. Keep in mind that movers are usually busier around the holidays, however.
  • Temperature: Items sensitive to heat travel better in the winter (e.g. candles or objects that can melt.)
  • Cost: Sometimes (but not always), it’s cheaper to move in the winter. Though pricing for moves is usually more dependent on things like distance and number of items being moved.

Drawbacks to Moving in the Winter

Of course, there are some disadvantages of moving in the winter as well—mostly related to colder weather. Here are some of the cons of moving in the winter:

  • Time: The workday is shorter in winter months because it gets darker sooner. Trying to move in the dark is more difficult and some movers may have a policy against it.
  • Temperature: Items sensitive to cold may not travel as well. For example, fragile items like vases may be even more prone to breaking or cracking if they’re cold.
  • Ice: This makes loading, unloading and travel take longer, as well as potentially causing damage. Ice on stairs or roadways is especially troublesome.

Finding the Right Mover for Any Season

Whether you choose to move in the winter or another season, finding the right moving company is crucial if you want to enjoy peace of mind during your move. If you don’t, you might as well throw away any advantages the season would bring with it. The right movers should be reliable, experienced, professional and organized. Read this article for a full breakdown on how to tell if a mover can meet your needs.

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