Welcome Back NHL: You have been missed!

The Dallas Stars will be looking to take the ice within the next two weeks! That’s right hockey fans, the NHL Lockout is over! This is the second longest lockout in NHL History. The longest being in 2005 when the entire season as cancelled. This was not only devastating to the players and the fans, but also the viewership. After an entire year of being gone, many fans stopped tuning in for the games. The drove ticket sales way down, and teams who once were used to packed houses for games, ended up with very lackluster attendance.

Fans from all over the state will be flocking to Dallas to witness the beginning of yet another amazing hockey season. Although this season will only be roughly 40 games, we will all enjoy them none the less. Many people’s hopes for football have been finished already and baseball season is extremely far away. If basketball isn’t your sport, then that have already had a very long and boring winter. The reintroduction of the NHL will be welcome with open arms by millions across the United States.

Carrollton Movers, IMS Relocation, will be watching as the first puck drops at the Dallas Star’s arena. This is the one sport we can all watch that does not throw a flag for being too aggressive. You get pulled for the night if you aren’t hitting enough. This is truly the greatest sport ever invented! Dallas Movers are here to make your lives easier. Get your FREE moving and storage quote today!