What is Move for Hunger?

75fc1b6c-dd14-4fb6-9c9f-c70ead69cceaWhen undergoing a household move in Dallas, there are likely many items you don’t want to bring with you – including the food in your pantry.  It’s often a waste of time and money to bring pantry items with to your new home.  So what do you do with these unused food items?

Moving companies, like IMS Relocation, participate in a program called Move for Hunger.  It is a program that allows you to conveniently donate your unopened, non-perishable food items to local food pantries without ever having to drop them off.

Your Dallas moving company may provide you with a box ahead of time to put your pantry items, or you may put your own box together.  On moving day, your movers will pick up your belongings, including your donated food.  The movers will then deliver the box of donated food items to the food pantry.  The program allows you and your movers give back to the community you live and work.

As a long time participant in Move for Hunger, IMS Relocation is proud to give back to the community.  Our Dallas movers strive to provide the community with the exemplary services they deserve – whether it be moving or donating.