Residential Moving in Fort Worth Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Have you ever experienced a move that wasn’t marred by some inconvenience? Maybe your movers showed up three hours late. Maybe your possessions arrived a week late during an interstate move. Or maybe your movers dropped your cherished big screen TV. While some residential movers in Fort Worth may shrug off damage to your property as just a risk you take, the moving professionals at IMS Relocation have a starkly different outlook.

The safety of your property – both your possessions and your home – is a responsibility our moving professionals take very seriously. This applies to the home you’re leaving and the one to which you’re heading. The last thing you want when you’re moving out of an apartment is for your movers to cost you a security deposit by carelessly scraping paint and dinging doorways.

Our movers are instilled with the sense of responsibility and accountability you want from a moving company, at a level which is often severely lacking with other Fort Worth moving companies.

A Reputation for Fort Worth Moving Excellence Dating Back to 1991

IMS Relocation, an agent of Mayflower Transit, was founded with a simple goal coupled with a complex model. The goal is to set the standard for high-quality moving services in Texas. Fulfilling that mission isn’t nearly as simple as the goal itself. We found that disorganization and a lack of accountability was at the root of most unsuccessful home moves, and we went about addressing this by employing moving specialists focused on custom service.

From our moving estimator to the moving specialists who help you afterwards, you’ll always have a member of our highly qualified staff to assist you along the way. While we do offer rough quotes to give you an idea of how much your move may cost with just a handful of details, we can’t really give you an extremely accurate estimate until you sit down with our moving estimators.

The estimator will utilize an in-depth checklist to analyze your needs, down to the box, and provide an accurate estimate of the time you can expect the move to take. They will also take into account your furniture and anything unique that’s going to require special care when formulating your estimate.

Your Fort Worth team of home moving specialists will then establish a timeline, which we view as a contract, that strictly lays out when we arrive, the schedule for moving day, and when you can expect your possessions to be delivered to your new home.

They can also help you determine if you would be best served by other services, such as professional packing or temporary storage solutions.

Although this may all sound like overkill, or a specialty service designed only for the wealthy with large estates, let us assure you that we devote this exact same level of care and professionalism to every residential moving client, from people living in studios and one-bedroom apartments to people living in 15-room homes.

The principles are the same, only the scale is different, and we firmly believe that everyone, regardless of the volume of their possessions, is entitled to high-quality, reliable moving services.

It’s this kind of dedication that has earned us and sustained our A+ rating with the BBB for more than two decades. It is also what has awarded us industry accolades and respected positions in an array of moving organization, such as ProMover, the American Moving & Storage Association and the Southwest Movers Association.

Our Comprehensive Residential Moving Services Include

Intrastate and Interstate Moving 

In Texas, intrastate moving can sometimes be more of a challenge than interstate moving in other parts of the country. We have the equipment, skilled movers and qualified drivers you can trust with a lifetime’s worth of possessions. Whether you’re going from Fort Worth to El Paso or Fort Worth to Seattle, you can rely on a worry-free, low-anxiety experience with IMS Relocation.

Military and Federal Employee Moves 

Our civil servants and men and women in uniform often have unique needs when it comes to moving. Whether you need to quickly relocate for a new posting or require long-term storage for deployment, we offer the services and understanding you need to do your duty.

Senior Moving Services 

Individuals with special needs often require specialized moving services to accommodate. Our compassionate Fort Worth residential moving professionals can help develop plans to address the unique concerns you may have if you are moving a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

International Residential Moves 

Fort Worth is an international city. We are home to many foreign workers, and many of our skilled citizens also relocate overseas to bring their unique and valuable skillsets to the world. International moves are especially stressful thanks to all the unknowns that accompany them. Our partnership with Mayflower Transit and their worldwide network of trusted moving professionals enables us to ensure your international move with IMS Relocation will be as easy as possible.

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