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Whether your need temporary storage, a storage container at your house, long-term commercial storage, or anything in between, IMS Relocation has an efficient and affordable solution to your storage needs. We are happy to offer our clients in the Dallas area with efficient and portable storage unites for rent.

These moving containers are provided through our partner company, Get A Sam, and they offer you a great opportunity to sort out the layout and design of your home, renovate without the added hassle or even casually bring in stuff from your move at your own pace, as opposed to hauling everything in at once and having to just sort through the clutter from within your home.

No matter where you’re moving or what your storage needs are, our convenient storage options and portable containers will ensure the safety of your possessions.

Our Moving Containers Offer:

  • Smooth Interior Walls for Easy Loading
  • Online Pricing for Local Moving and Storage Services
  • Translucent Roof for Natural Lighting

The dimensions of these storage containers come in at 16’ long X 8’ wide X 8’ high and offer the contents the space of around a 1,500 sq. ft. home. They include sixteen tie-down rings to ensure that your contents will stay in place during the move and are fully capable of securing larger items.

Excellent Storage for Dallas Businesses

IMS Relocation also offers these incredibly versatile storage containers for businesses both big and small. No matter the equipment, from desks and chairs, tables and grills or anything else, these portable storage units can offer you and your business enough space for about 1,500 sq. ft. of efficient storage.

Portable Containers

Our portable containers will help make your home or business move in the Dallas area go even better. You can pack the container yourself, at your own pace, and either leave it at your residence of have us pick it up and move it to your new residence or store it in our own storage facilities. Whatever you choose to do with your portable storage container, you can rest assured that with IMS Relocation, you’re choosing the best in the area.

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