10 Professions That Relocate the Most

10 Professions That Relocate the Most

Moving. Some of us experience it more than others. But what happens when you’re required to move for your profession? From military members and flight attendants to nurses and teachers, certain jobs require relocations more than others. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Nurses

There are hospitals and medical facilities all over the country and they need staff members. While doctors tend to stay at one location longer than most medical professionals, the same can’t be said for nurses. This is especially true for traveling nurses with a global focus.

  1. Truck Drivers

These professionals are constantly on the move—it’s in the job description, after all. But trucking companies are located across the country and their employees tend to live near headquarters.

  1. Military Members

This could apply to any government position, really, but military families are well-known for having to move every two-to-three years

  1. Professional Athletes

Sports teams are constantly trading players, moving locations and expanding teams. While this doesn’t represent a large portion of the population, it does highlight a profession with a high relocation probability. Athletes can even be traded multiple times in the same season.

  1. Media and Entertainment Members

News outlets, publications and film studios staff hundreds of employees and there is a large amount of turnover in these industries. Good employees move up the ranks and relocate while subpar employees are left behind and have to do something else, which could also lead to relocation.

  1. Flight Attendants

Another profession constantly on the move, flight attendants must relocate to a city that is home to the headquarters of the airline. When you change airlines, you often have to move.

  1. Teachers

Teachers move to either meet their own needs or the school’s needs. The former may be a desire to teach a different grade or because a spouse relocates. The latter might be because a certain district is lacking in quality teachers. Either way, teachers can potentially move a lot.

  1. Marketers

Turnover is extremely high in the marketing world. It’s not uncommon for positions to change personnel every six to 12 months. The marketing industry is also often changing, so new roles open up and old ones become obsolete.

  1. Engineers

Engineering is a field with constant advancements and role changes for stellar employees. As such, engineers often change jobs frequently and must relocate as a result.

  1. Technology/Software Professionals

Lastly, we come to the profession identified by LinkedIn as most likely to move. Whether because technology is always changing or there’s a demand for technology and software skills across the world, this is definitely a profession known for relocating.

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