20 of the Funniest Moving Memes We Could Find

20 of the Funniest Moving Memes We Could Find

If there’s one thing most people can relate to, it’s moving. After all, there are approximately 3 million interstate household goods moves every year, according to the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Whether because of a new job, new school or a new family, chances are good that you’ve experienced moving for one reason or another. As such, you can likely relate to moving-related humor.

The team at IMS Relocation scoured the internet in search of the very best moving memes we could find. Here are 20 of them:

1. Game of Moves

game of moves moving meme

We always think about move day with great anticipation. (Source: Imgur)

2. Zoolander’s Dilemma

zoolanders dilemma moving meme

Have you ever ordered boxes that are too small? This is what it feels like. (Source: Meme Creator)

3. Grand Moving Schemes

grand moving schemes moving meme

There’s a reason there’s usually a surcharge for moving pianos.  (Source: Funnyism)

4. Parks and Relocation

parks and relocation moving meme

Moving is never a pain when you’re upgrading your living situation. (Source: King Tumblr)

5. That Elevated Quickly

elevated quickly moving meme

Never drop the box marked “fragile.” (Source: Estately)

6. Pro-cat-ination

procatination moving meme

When you wait until the day before the move to start preparing for it. (Source: Meme Guy)

7. Box Story

box story moving meme

Even Buzz and Woody know the feeling of being overwhelmed by boxes. (Source: Saying Images.)

8. Lord of the Moves

lord of the moves moving meme

Frodo experiences the end of a cross-country move. (Source: Meme Generator)

9. Crying Day

crying day moving meme

If you’re trying to move by yourself, this is a common feeling. (Source: King Tumblr)

10. Batfriend

batfriend moving meme

Holy priorities, Batman! (Source: Estately)

11. Not Cool, Bro

not cool bro moving meme

There’s always that one friend. Should have hired IMS Relocation! (Source: Saying Images)

12. White Lie

white lie moving meme

When you hire a moving team like IMS Relocation and tell your friends about all the stuff you have to move. (Source: Make a Meme)

13. Honest Morpheus

morpheus moving meme

Well, everything in the Matrix was a lie, to be fair. (Source: Estately)

14. Expanded Expectations

expanded expectations moving meme

Where did all of this stuff come from? (Source: King Tumblr)

For these last six, we decided to make our own! Enjoy.

15. The Big Question

big question moving meme

It’s more of a rhetorical question, really.

16. Always On Beat

always on beat moving meme

Even Drake would agree that hiring a moving team like IMS Relocation is a smart decision.

17. Chosen One

chosen one moving meme

When you realize you turned to the dark side of moving.

18. The Most Interesting Move In the World

interesting move moving meme

Stay smart, my friends.

19. Wonka Wisdom

wonka wisdom moving meme

When you hire IMS Relocation, you can have peace of mind about your move.

20. Bad Decision

bad decision moving meme

Even Will Ferrell agrees that hiring moving help is always the right choice.

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