5 Household Items You Can’t Put On a Moving Truck

5 Household Items You Cant Put On a Moving Truck

If you’ve flown recently, you’ve likely encountered the person who tries to fit an oversized piece of luggage in the overhead bin of an airplane. They struggle and try to force it in, to no avail. Or, perhaps you’ve seen someone stopped by the TSA for trying to bring a prohibited item onboard. While frustrating for those involved, the rules and regulations are there for the safety of all who are traveling.

This isn’t limited to flying, however. The moving industry has its own set of standards. From pets and hazardous materials to cash and toxic chemicals, there are many things you can’t transport using a professional mover. Let’s take a look at five of them and explain why this is the case.

  1. Pets

You might think it’s common sense, but many aren’t aware that animals shouldn’t travel in a moving truck with other belongings. Not only can other items shift and put your pet in danger, they can cause lots of anxiety. Many movers have policies against pets in the moving truck, but in the end, it’s always best to personally take responsibility for the care of your pet while traveling or moving (regardless of the policy).

  1. Hazardous Materials

Got propane tanks, cleaning solvents, nail polish remover and/or guns? They can’t go on the moving truck. Many hazardous materials are flammable and put other items (and the safety of the movers) at risk. Call your movers ahead of time to see what qualifies as a hazardous material and, please, take personal responsibility for transporting your firearms or ammunition.

  1. Cash/Valuables

The best residential moving companies are trustworthy, sure. But that doesn’t mean you should put large amounts of cash or valuable items in the moving truck. Many moving companies have insurance policies to protect against damage to valuable items, but if it means a lot to you, transport it personally.

  1. Plants

Plants aren’t a good idea for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re often sensitive to temperature and light, so they might end up dried out or wilted if they go on a long move. Second, many states have strict regulations about what plants can or can’t be transported across state lines. Finally, they can be messy.

  1. Food

Consumables can spoil or attract all sorts of insects and pests, which is why many moving companies have a policy against transporting them. This is especially true for perishable food. If you find yourself with more food than you can eat or transport, consider donating to a local food shelter.

If you have questions about your items or are interested in hiring a professional mover, contact us today for a fast, free quote.