9 Reasons Why Carrollton is Your City (And Should be for Life)

At IMS Relocation, our Carrollton Movers have been helping move throughout Dallas Since 1991 – delivering comprehensive service and support that people are thankful for. It’s a job we love to do, and as a premier agent for Mayflower Transit (as well as a ProMover member of the American Moving & Storage Association), we take a lot of pride in doing it well!

We also have a lot of pride in the people we serve – citizens of Dallas and the surrounding area who are moving in and around Carrolton…

This blog post, then, is to remind you that you made the right decision by staying local. Because we love Carrolton (and Dallas), and here are 9 reasons why:

1. The city is full of craft coffee, urban farming and parks – and, of course, cycling. Who doesn’t love a bicycle city?

2. Great food without the wait – even on the weekends!

3. Dallas – and Carrollton, for that matter – has several no-kill shelters that help save dogs, cats and rabbits. We love our animal around here…

4. As a major stopover spot for bands touring the US, Carrollton visitors can see all the best bands without the crazy Austin crowds!

5. Books? Yeah, they’re half-priced.

6. Two airports serve the people of Dallas and Carrollton. Enough said.

7. Wanna take the kids to the museum? Wanna go just for your own enjoyment? Go ahead. It’s free.

8. The weather: It’s beautiful 10 months out of the year…

9. There are 6,000 acres of forest that are entirely inside the city limits. It’s called The Great Trinity Forest. It’s a real treat.

Want some more reasons to affirm your life here? Well then call IMS Relocation, the premier Carrolton Local movers. We’ll set you straight (and give you a free consultation and no-obligation quote to boot)!