Become a Part of the “Little Library” Program!

b57ef7f8-7aed-4647-b352-6c24ff6b1424Help spread the joy of books, increase access to reading materials and help your community—all at once! Started in 2014, the “Little Library” Program began in the counties of Whitfield and Murray. The idea is to “take a book, leave a book” at any of the small structures located across the community.

Made with recycled or natural materials and designed and decorated by volunteers, each of these small “libraries” resembles a small, decorated house and is “home” to 20-30 books. The books in each library are freely given by neighbors, used bookstores, authors or anyone that wants to contribute to the program. These completely free libraries allow anyone in the community to freely borrow and contribute books to any of the structures. The libraries typically hold between 20 and 30 books that are rotated several times a month, with volunteers regularly checking the libraries to make sure there are always books available.

The purpose of the Little Library program is to promote literacy, the joy of reading and encouraging community building through book exchanges. So far, The United Way has installed 26 or the nearly 10,000 Little Libraries installed worldwide.

If you’re planning on moving in north Texas and would like more information about the Little Library Program or how you can contribute, call IMS Relocation—your north Texas movers of choice!