Helping Seniors Downsize

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Downsizing can be a daunting word for many, but can sound particularly scary when it involves senior citizens. Leaving a familiar neighborhood and friends, or dealing with less than optimal health, can make the thought of downsizing even more burdensome for seniors. The critical question: What to do with a home full of possessions that go hand in hand with a lifetime of memories? These can be troublesome concerns when helping seniors downsize to a smaller living space.

Consider the following to help alleviate those concerns.

Preparation & Planning

When downsizing, it may be helpful for seniors to divide possessions into one (1) of these four (4) categories:

  • Items to keep – whether they’re functional (furniture) or sentimental (pictures and photo albums), first determine which items will be moved to the new home to make it comfortable and cozy.
  • Items to give away – Certain items hold a sentimental value to a family member of friend. Put these aside to save for them. Unneeded, non-sentimental items that have plenty of life left should be put into the donate pile. Take them to a local charity so someone else can benefit from them.
  • Items to sell –set aside items that are no longer wanted, but could be sold. Helping your loved one sell these items in a safe and effective way could raise some useful funds that can go towards expenses in the new location.
  • Items to dispose of– There will be plenty of items which items hold no value to anybody, and these can be thrown out. Be sure certain items like batteries, paint, tires, appliances, cleaning supplies, glue and adhesives, and electronics (including computers) are disposed of properly. Check with your local sanitation department to find out where to take these items for disposal or recycling.

Making the Move

It’s helpful to use a moving company that is experienced with moving senior citizens to their new homes. Doing so will greatly reduce the workload, and the more reputable moving companies will offer packing options as an additional service. If possible, try to schedule the moving company as soon as possible; doing so should help reduce costs by avoiding peak moving seasons. And don’t forget to ask about any senior discounts they might offer.

When seniors downsize, it can be a very stressful time in their life. Ensuring their treasured items are given careful attention and consideration is vital when it comes to assisting them in this transitional period. You can help them reduce the stress of downsizing by contacting IMS Relocation. To get in touch with one of our moving specialists, contact us today.