How to Better Budget for a Commercial Move

How to Better Budget for a Commercial Move

As we saw with several Silicon Valley companies in 2020, businesses can quickly decide to move for a variety of reasons. It could be because of increased limitations from the government, the appeal of lower tax rates in another state or simply a reduced need for a big commercial space. The only problem with commercial moves? Budgeting can be a major concern.

If you’re worried about the financial aspects of your commercial move, here are some tips for budgeting effectively.

Choose a Moving Company First

The right commercial moving company should be your first priority. For one, it’s the biggest expense associated with your move. But it can also help you budget for other elements with your relocation. The best commercial movers will also do their best to protect your business’ belongings and save you headaches involved with claims or insurance.

Get Multiple Estimates

For any task involved with your commercial move that involves a third party, make sure you get multiple estimates. You don’t want to automatically go with the cheapest bid, but you do want to compare options. If you get a single estimate, you have no idea whether it’s a fair one or not. This applies to everything from moving and packing to loading/unloading and supplies.

Make Sure You Point Out Difficulties

Surprise expenses can pop up when your commercial move involves anything that makes the commercial mover’s job more difficult. Are there stairs or tight corners? What about parking for the moving team? Any large objects to move? Make sure you disclose as much as possible so your commercial mover can give you an accurate estimate for budgeting.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential commercial mover as many questions as needed to feel confident you’ve properly vetted them. For one, they should prioritize customer service and be willing to help you regardless of whether you’re an existing customer or not. Secondly, these questions can help you better budget for your commercial move. Examples include questions about how many movers will be involved, the hours when the moving team will work, insurance options, cancellation policies and if there is a minimum hour commitment.

Your commercial mover should be able to help provide relief from the stress of budgeting. For an up-front, no-obligation quote on your commercial move, contact IMS Relocation today.