How to Properly Vet a Moving Company

There are horrid stories everyday of how people had to face the wrath of rogue movers. The story of Carlyn Lucas is infamous now. She is the woman who had her items stolen and kept by the shady moving company that she had hired. In return, she was asked to pay triple the amount of what they had originally agreed upon. Such cases are way too common, and so customers need to make sure that they properly vet moving companies before they commit. Below is the advice that you can follow that will make sure that your moving company is reputable.

Your payment options

Before making any commitments, ask the sales representative about how much you will have to pay and that also includes all of the variable costs. Then, you will need to ask when you will be paying the entire amount. Make sure to ask what forms of payment they accept, because some companies do not take checks. Ask for this information during the in-home estimate.

If you are moving long distance, then make sure to confirm the estimate of cost based on the weight of the products, with your residential movers. In a legal sense, the interstate moves should be based on weight and also considering the tariff that the moving company has. You should accept an estimate that is based on cubic feet since they are usually meant for residential and commercial moves.

Know the people

You should get the names, numbers, and emails of all the people you will need to contact during this entire process. You should also know the roles that they will have and who you need to contact in the case of emergency. If you can, ask the company about the kind of employees they hire. Ideally, they should be drug tested and their backgrounds should be checked. Other than that, you can also ask about the training that employees go through before they are allowed to enter the customers’ homes.

Validate the mover

Ask for the type of credentials that the local relocation company nearby holds. Are they certified through AMSA ProMover or accredited through another source? Find out the type of industry recognition and accolades that they have received such as the AMSA Fleet Safety award or the CREBA’s Best of the Industry Award.

One big give away of fake movers is that they have the same name as professional movers, so they can fool naïve customers who may not realize that they are not the same company. One good way to confirm that the company you are about to hire is legit is by checking their DOT number. The U.S. Department of Transportation assigns a specific number to the interstate moving companies, and it also provides the citizens with tools to confirm that the company is registered.

Tour the facility

One of the great ways of scouting a moving company is by touring its facility. You can have a look at how many trucks they have and how clean they keep their warehouse. This way, you will also get a general sense of the mover’s level of organization and efficiency. This is one of the major ways you can ensure that you do not end up in the same position as Ms. Lucas.

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