IMS Completes Their First Food Drive with Move for Hunger

d76bde2a-9777-4458-a893-2b6a9c9fb004Last month, IMS Relocation worked in conjunction with Move for Hunger and the Dallas Public Libraries to provide 635 meals to residences within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  This was IMS Relocation’s first food drive for Move for Hunger and we are off to a great start.  We were able to provide the Carrollton Friendship House with 762 pounds of food.  This food will be distributed throughout the metroplex, and we plan on providing food throughout the upcoming year. IMS couldn’t have done this without the help of our wonderful customers and we would like to thank everyone for their donations and support.  If you would like work with a community minded Relocation Company in DFW, please give us a call.  For more information on the move for hunger program please visit:

IMS Relocation is always looking for ways to bring the community together. This is why we were so excited to be a part of something like Move for Hunger. There are so many people in our backyard that need help, and we are more than happy to do our part in making the Dallas Fort Worth a better place to live.