IMS Relocation celebrates Suzanne Purifoy’s admittance into Mayflower’s Master’s Club for a second consecutive year!

997b9356-0033-42e6-8454-c0a8d4bc8765Suzanne Purifoy of IMS Relocation has been awarded her second Master’s Club Award through Mayflower Transit.  Suzanne was honored by Mayflower Transit with this prestigious award based on the amount of household goods she has relocated across state lines.  Hundreds of families have met with Suzanne over the last year and she was able to assist them with their relocation needs.  Whether you need to move your family down the road, across the country, or even overseas; Suzanne can assist you!

The Master’s Club is a national award given out to very few individuals in the relocation industry, and IMS is proud to have Suzanne Purifoy on our team!

IMS Relocation is proud to be a part of the Dallas Moving community. We know that moving is a very difficult task, and having people like Suzanna really makes things move easier. She has a been a real team player who has taken IMS Relocation to the next level in customer services. We thank her for her years of services and wish he luck in making this a 3-peat award for 2014!