Meet Toni, One of IMS Relocation’s All Star Packers!

Toni is a fantastic packer and crew leader.  She has been with IMS for 5 years and in that time has become a true asset in our success as a leading mover in the DFW region.  She’s a dedicated employee that goes above and beyond what’s expected of her in order to keep our clients happy and their goods secure.   Continue reading to find out more about Toni and her dedication to getting it done right!

Toni comes into the office every morning around 6:30am to collect her paperwork and prepare for the tasks ahead of her for the day.  She arrives with a smile, goes over her daily projects with our dispatchers, and heads to our warehouse to start loading up her van with the materials she’ll need on her jobsite.

When the rest of her crew arrives, she makes sure that her inventory of supplies exceeds what was listed on her paperwork.  She believes it’s important to bring more than what’s needed in case our client’s need more than they expect.  She goes over the project with her crew while they drive to their jobsite and once they arrive, she’ll introduce herself to the homeowner to take a tour of the residence, go over the plan, and answer any questions they may have.

Toni then lets her crew know where they can keep their materials for the day and assigns each of them a room to start on.  Once everyone’s settled in, they all work tirelessly to get everything packed up and label each box with a rough description of its contents.  This continues throughout the day and if any concerns come from the homeowner or a crew member, Toni will call into our office to address the issue and start implementing the solution.

When Toni and her crew completes their tasks for the day, she walks the homeowner through the house so that they can perform the final inspection and make sure everything’s ready for the loading crew that’s soon to follow.  Toni makes sure her crew has all their left over materials loaded back into her van and that our clients are happy before she leaves.  After that, she’ll either head to another jobsite or come back to the office to turn in her paperwork.

Toni is fast, accurate, friendly, and careful.  We receive many calls from our clients complementing her and her crew.  Our office staff values the information she provides to us throughout the day and we always know that we can count on her to get the job done correctly.  Let us know if we can assist you in your packing needs by calling usor filling out our estimate request form!