Tips for Moving in Wet Weather

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You want to try to avoid moving when it’s raining, but the weather can be unpredictable. Sometimes, it just rains on moving day and you can’t avoid it. With additional preparation and planning, coping with the wet weather can be manageable.

Use the Garage

First of all, you want to minimize the time you spend out in the rain. One way to do this is to unload everything through your garage if you have one. Simply back the truck up to your garage door, and you won’t have to be out under the clouds much at all.

Temporary Cover

If you don’t have a garage or if you can’t get the truck that close to your home, setting up temporary cover can keep the rain off your belongings as you move them. You can use tarps or a tent to keep rain off the path between your home and the truck.

Use Plastic

Boxes and furniture can be waterproofed with the use of shrink wrap. Some items can also be sealed with plastic garbage bags, but be sure that there are no gaps when you close the garbage bags.

Prioritize Waterproof Items

If it seems like the rain may let up later in the day, loading waterproof items first can keep you from losing time. Plastic bins and other plastic items can be loaded while the rain is still pouring, saving more vulnerable items for when it isn’t as wet.

Avoid Slipping

If you are still having sub-freezing nights, plan on loading the truck around midday when water on the ground won’t be frozen. This will allow you to avoid slick surfaces before ice thaws or after it freezes. Also, consider putting down makeshift mats in entryways so people don’t slip as they go in and out of the house.

Assembly Line

Aside from the possibility of getting your belongings wet, wet weather also makes it harder to avoid tracking mud and dirt into your home. To keep your floors clean, use an assembly line approach so that people don’t have to go inside from the outside so much.

A team effort can be enormously helpful when moving in wet weather, and one way to get that is with an experienced household mover. IMS Relocation can help you cope with the rain on moving day.