Moving or Storage? Why It Makes Sense to Choose Both

Moving or Storage_ Why It Makes Sense to Choose Both

Most team sports usually involve two primary facets: offense and defense. The team is made up of different individuals who usually excel in one or the other. But when there’s a player who is good at both offense and defense, that’s when you have something special.

Moving and storage is the same way.

When preparing for a residential move, you might be tempted to hire one company for moving belongings and another company for storage (or none at all). Here are some reasons why it makes sense to hire a company that specializes in both moving and storage.

It’s Easier to Manage

If you’re a homeowner, do you prefer to handle your phone, television and Internet bills separately or bundled together? Most of us would choose the latter, as it’s more difficult to keep up with three different bills than one bill. This is especially true if you’re talking about different companies handling each bill. What kind of headache would that cause?

It seems obvious when it comes to household bills, but that’s exactly what we’re dealing with when it comes to moving and storage. When you hire the same company to manage both your moving and storage, it’s easier to manage.

It’s Cost-Effective

Just as bundled bills often result in savings, so does combining moving and storage. Moving and storage companies often are able to offer you a discount on storage solutions if you hire them for residential moving services. It’s also easier to be more cost effective when you can easily coordinate logistics for moving and storage. Add in other services like packing and unpacking and you’ll see how there are more opportunities to save if you use the same company for different aspects of your residential move.

There’s More Peace of Mind

Let’s say you were to choose one company for moving your belongings and another company for storing them. Wouldn’t you agree that there is more of an opportunity to lose items during the transfer from company to company? One company also may have better reviews and a more trustworthy staff than the other and you’re responsible for making two correct decisions opposed to just one. With the same company handling both your moving and storage needs, however, you can have peace of mind knowing the same hands will be handling it and your belongings are being tracked appropriately at all times.

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