Moving a Wine Cellar

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Moving wine is far more complex than merely packing it in a box and sending it off with all the rest of your belongings. It can be sensitive and fragile, especially if it’s an older vintage, so you need to plan ahead to make sure it makes it safely to your destination. There are several items to remember in this process.

Appropriate Packing

Wine bottles should be stored sideways or upside down in order to keep the corks from drying out. An appropriate amount of cushioning should be packed into the box, and it should be labeled as fragile. A “This Side Up” label will also be necessary to make sure the bottles remain in the correct position during transit.

Bottle Shock

If a bottle of wine is agitated or jostled, opening it too soon can result in lost flavor. Once it reaches your destination, it’s best to allow it to “rest” for a while—about a week for each day it was in transit. So, if, for instance, you move out of state and it took you two days to get into your new home, you’ll want to let it sit in your cellar for two weeks before opening.

Temperatures and Weather

Wines—and especially older wines—are highly sensitive to changes in temperature. A major shift from hot to cold or vice versa could affect the flavor, chemistry, and even stoppage on the bottle, so you want to make sure it stays at a moderate temperature during transit. Plan moves during spring or fall if possible, and try to keep it around 55°F.

Appraisal and Insurance

Larger collections should be appraised and insured in the event of any damage from transit. This can help prevent losses from moving, which is key if you have a particularly valuable wine collection.

Qualified Movers

A highly respected and qualified mover will be necessary to make sure your wine cellar is kept safe and secure in transit. IMS Relocation has long provided the best in moving services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact us at (800) 559-2112 for a no obligation estimate on your move.