Specialty Moves: The Next Big Thing In the Moving World

Specialty Moves - The Next Big Thing

The moving industry is a lot like the medical industry. Take an illness, for example. When you’re sick with a high fever or flu-like symptoms, you see a general doctor. If you’re suffering from a spine injury, on the other hand, you’d likely seek out a chiropractor or back specialist. Why? Because a chiropractor or back specialists has gone through the specialized training and has more experience treating back issues than a general doctor.

Moving services can be viewed the same way. If you have items that are unique, high-end or abnormally shaped, would you really want to go to a general or amateur mover who isn’t experienced in specialty moves? Let’s take a look at why specialty moves are becoming more and more popular — and what to look for in the best specialty moving companies.

Why Specialty Moves?

As with many things in the world these days, moving services are getting more and more specialized. Why? Because more and more people (and businesses) have specialized needs. This could be something as basic as an automobile relocation or something a little more complex like relocating an entire school or university. Then there are situations where you’re dealing with sensitive items like lab equipment, musical instruments or fine art.

Whatever the reason, specialty moves require a great deal of moving expertise, planning, dedication and hard work for it to go off without a hitch. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right specialty moving company.

The Best Specialty Moving Companies

How do you know whether a company specializes in specialty moves or not? By asking questions and doing your research. Check out the prospective mover’s website and read their reviews. See what services they specialize in, if any. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when researching the right company for your specialty move:

  • Do the movers service your area?
  • Are their movers trained and experienced in specialty moves?
  • Do they serve both residences and businesses?
  • Have the movers ever handled your type of items?
  • What transportation will they use for your move?
  • How will the mover protect your high-value, oversized or fragile items?
  • Will they sit down with you and discuss your needs beforehand?
  • Will they adjust their services to meet your budget?
  • Are they affordable or will they charge you a large sum?
  • Will they charge you for a quote or estimate?

These are just a few of the criteria for the best specialty moving companies. If you need specialty moving services in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact IMS Relocation today for a free quote and we’ll answer any other questions you may have.