The Low-Budget Mover: A Cautionary Tale

The Low-Budget Mover_ A Cautionary Tale

Don’t look now, but Halloween is right around the corner. In honor of this frighteningly festive holiday, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share the harrowing tale of a homeowner who chose the cheapest mover instead of a mover with the best reviews and service options. We’ll also share some tips for finding a reputable mover.

While this tale is fictional, it’s a very real possibility people face when they take their moving company decision lightly. You have been warned.

The Spooky Story of the Low-Budget Mover

It was a cold night at the end of October. It was pouring outside and a woman was inside her home researching companies for her next move. The moon was full and bats could be heard in the sky. The sounds of the woman’s keyboard strokes were echoing in the air as the clock struck midnight. Tired from her research, she decided to do an online reservation for the cheapest option and call it a night. She paid the required deposit (which she thought was odd), closed her laptop shut and went to bed.

Little did she know, the mover she chose was… low-budget.

Catherine woke the next morning and dressed her children, unaware of the impending uncertainties she would soon be dealing with. She and the kids packed up all of their belongings, from the precious cat figurine her late mother left her to the first tooth her son lost that she saved in a jar. There was even a grand piano that had been collecting dust and cobwebs. Once everything was ready, they waited for the movers to arrive…


… and waited…


… and waited.

Hours later, the movers were nowhere to be found. It was getting late. “Where are they, mama?” The woman’s daughter asked. “I don’t know, sweetie,” the woman said. She went to check her online reservation and the website was gone! She called the mover’s number and it wouldn’t go through. All traces of the company vanished. Catherine was in quite a predicament, as she had to be out of the house by midnight. 

Lightning cracked in the distance as she held her kids close. From that day forward, she vowed to never use a low-budget mover ever again.

Tips for Finding a Reputable Mover

This spooky situation could have been avoided if the woman didn’t just choose the cheapest option. But how do you know a reputable mover when you see one? Here are some tips:

  • Ensure the mover has a professional website and a working phone number.
  • Read reviews to get insights from real customers.
  • See if the mover is part of any professional moving organizations, or the BBB.
  • Talk with the mover on the phone to answer any questions they have. If they don’t answer you or the answers are questionable, move on.
  • Ask the mover to provide an upfront, no-obligation quote.

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