The Unexpected Expense of Residential Relocations

The Unexpected Expense of Residential Relocations

Whether you’re selling your home or moving from your apartment, there are hidden expenses that can catch you by surprise when it’s time to move. No, we’re not talking about services you forgot to cancel or lost deposits due to a failure to notify your landlords of your move in time. We’re talking about repairs.

Last-minute repairs for your residence can be unexpected (and unwelcome) when it’s time to move, but the good news is that these are often preventative. Let’s go over some of the most common repairs associated with a home relocation.

Carpet Cleaning or Replacement

If you have carpet, it usually bears the brunt of daily wear and tear. For homeowners, it’s a wise decision to replace carpet before you show your house. For apartment renters, you may be charged a cleaning or replacement fee if your carpet is dirty or damaged. Either way, make sure you think about this expense ahead of time, as it can potentially be large.

Drywall Repair

From dents caused by moving furniture to dozens of nail and screw holes created by hanging up family pictures, your residence’s drywall goes through its own share of abuse. Small touch-ups can be done by yourself and are inexpensive, but you might need professional help if you have any large areas of damage to your drywall. Consider repairing drywall on the spot as it gets damaged so you don’t have a big project on move day.

Minor Plumbing Issues

Over time, it’s easy to develop leaks in one of your faucets or pipes. You can also complete these minor repairs yourself, but it’s possible you might have a bigger job on your hands. For example, during the inspection, the buyer of your home may have a sink replacement as a contingency. In that case, you want to hire a professional.

HVAC Maintenance

Do your new resident a courtesy and have your HVAC system cleaned out. Lint, dust, dirt and grime build up over time and can create a fire hazard, especially in the dryer vent. You can get a vent cleaning kit or do it yourself. Other air condition-related issues might pop up as well, so keep that in mind.

General Cleaning

While technically not a repair, you want to give your home a thorough cleaning after you’ve moved out all of your belongings. You can do this yourself or hire a cleaning service, but don’t forget about this small expense when you’re doing your budgeting. In fact, thorough cleaning may result in the biggest return on your investment from the items we’ve mentioned.

If you’re planning a residential relocation soon, make sure you hire a mover you can trust. Give IMS Relocation a call today for a no-obligation quote.