The Versatility of Today’s Home Mover

The Versatility of Today's Home Mover

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in these days, people love versatility. If you’re a writer, for example, you’ll build a better resume if you’re able to do editing or social media management as well. If you’re a nurse, it’s helpful to have experience with several different medical conditions. 

The same goes for residential moving.

You might think home movers are only good for moving from one residence to another, but the best ones are more versatile than you might think. Whether you’re moving from an apartment to a single-family home, from a condo to a retirement home or from a residence by yourself to a shared home, a home mover can help. 

Versatility in Services

A one-size-fits-all approach is fine for some people. Others like the option of adding services, especially when it comes to their move. Perhaps you need extra packing supplies or help with packing or unpacking your belongings? The mover should be able to accommodate you. Want help with loading or unloading? Shouldn’t be a problem. Have children, elderly or military obligations to think about? None of these are an issue with a home mover who is versatile enough to provide the services you need.

Versatility in Locations

There are three main types of moves: interstate (moving to another state), intrastate (moving within the same state) and international (moving to another country). The best movers today offer versatility when it comes to your moving location. Regardless of where you are located and where your new location will be, a moving company should be versatile enough to be able to help you out. A mover who partners with well-known moving companies that have a variety of resources at their disposal can provide versatility in locations for your move. This location versatility extends to the type of location as well, whether it’s an apartment, condo, single-family home, retirement home, duplex or townhouse. 

Versatility in Storage

Some movers check all the boxes you need… except when it comes to storage. Don’t settle for a mover that will only provide transportation. Today’s home mover should provide versatile storage options so that you can load or unload on your timetable and store belongings for as long as you need to before or after a move. No two residential moves are the same, so the mover should have an array of storage services to help you get organized.

If you’d like to experience the versatility of today’s home mover, give the IMS Relocation team a call today for a no-obligation quote.