Tips for Moving Internationally

Tips for Moving Internationally

Tips for Moving Internationally

Making an international move presents unique challenges which makes it significantly more complicated than moving in town or even moving across the country. There are many things you might overlook when it comes to moving overseas, including what you can and cannot bring with you.

Speaking with a company experienced with international moves is often the best course of action when you’re considering all the logistics, including such things as choosing the best date, getting your belongings packed and proper documentation.

Packing for an International Move

Moving internationally is a lot like a local move – you will need to box up your personal items, typically clothing, books, kitchen items, and small appliances. When making a move to another country, you should hire an experienced logistics company to pack your possessions so they are secure while in transit.

What to Bring With You

Of course you will need to have your passport and any necessary personal documents with you until you reach your new destination. One thing many people forget to do is to check the laws regarding what items you can and cannot bring into another country as laws vary when it comes to several items including:

  • Prescription Medication
  • Firearms and Weapons
  • Foods and Beverages
  • And More

Certain appliances and electronics will require a power adapter in order to function properly in other countries. It is recommend that you take inventory of all your belongings and really pare them down to the absolute necessities so you’re not transporting a ton of stuff you won’t really need. Consider selling large items such as flat screen TVs and buying new ones when you arrive to make the moving process simpler.

International Moving Help

Moving to another country can certainly present quite a challenge, but the good news is there are specialists who can help you with every phase of your big move. IMS Relocation can help ensure your overseas move from the Dallas, Texas area goes smoothly.

IMS Relocation will provide you with a dedicated international moving specialist who will help you every step of the way including:

  • Coordinating Professional Packers
  • Documenting Your Belongings
  • Help with Customs Clearance
  • And Much More

If you have decided on or are considering an international move, contact IMS Relocation today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate.