What to Look Out for When Hiring Movers in Dallas-Fort Worth

You have to make a lot of big decisions in a small span of time when it comes to moving to a new home. From selecting the best supplies to choosing the most suitable moving date, all the number of tasks that need to be done can become extremely overwhelming for an individual. The most important relocation decision that you will be making during this time is the local relocation company you need to choose from.

There are thousands upon thousands of local relocation services out there, so choosing from them can be quite difficult. You will even find some residential relocation movers close by offering their services for a very low price. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be offering you remarkable service.

This is why you need to prepare proper questions to ask when you visit the residential movers, so that you know that they meet all your moving needs:

Are they licensed?

When a company is licensed you know that they are not likely try to con you out of your money. All of the professional interstate moving companies will certainly have a license number that has been issued by the United States Department of Transportation. A lot of local home relocation services will be licensed by the state, who have their own set of moving regulations and license requirements. There are some websites that you can use to find the best residential relocation services nearby. You will not have to check for license information for a company from these websites, such as Moving.com, because the website itself will ask these companies to present their license and insurance while registering.

Do they have experience in the type of move you need?

One of the major things that you need to ask the moving company is whether or not they have enough experience in handling the type of move that you need. Whether you are moving to an apartment, a townhouse, or a big city, it is important to know that the moving company has experience when it comes to moving. The movers should be well prepared to handle any sort of obstacle that comes their way such as small doorways, no elevators, or steep stairs. It’s also helpful to know whether they specialize in company moves versus personal moves.

Research the liability coverage that the company provides

Before you hand over your things to a relocation service nearby, you will have to make sure that they are solidly covered by insurance because that will be needed if something breaks down. It doesn’t matter if you are moving across the street or to a new city, your movers need to be insured so that they can reimburse you in the event that items have been broken. Usually, the licensed companies will have their insurance intact, which you can request. Licensed companies generally have two types of liability options: Full Value Protection and Released Value.


Ask for references from the moving company before you get on board with them. The moving company’s reference should be able to provide you with one should you request it. You can also do your own homework and search online where there are forums that evaluate these companies. If they are a local relocation company, then you can utilize reviews posted by major sources like Google and Yelp.

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